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- Downton Abbey Season 4 - Michelle Dockery Interview (entertaimentwise)

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"I’m on a mission. Miss America has always been the girl next door, but Miss America is evolving. And she is not going to look the same anymore. I am Nina Davuluri, and I celebrate diversity through cultural competency."

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Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery says that she is fed-up with surprising people because she does not have a posh accent.

The British actress, 31, who has a distinct estuary accent, plays Lady Mary in the hit ITV period drama.

Dockery, who grew up in a working class household in Romford, Essex, said that she could understand why her own voice constantly shocked fans of the show.

She told the Radio Times: “I’m an actress. That’s my job yet people are surprised when I don’t sound like Lady Mary.”

Rolling her eyes when asked about her accent, Dockery, whose mother is a care home assistant and Irish father a van driver who became a surveyor, said: “It’s old news, me and my accent, but it always seems to make headlines.”

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Allen leech, who plays Tom Branson, says Michelle Dockery is known as the best dancer among the cast.

“The minute she gets on the dance floor you’re best off leaving,” he said.

“She’s trained and she’s very good.” but it’s not just on set that they get to practise their dance moves.

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Pygmaleon (theatre) backstage.


Pygmaleon (theatre) backstage.

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Sometimes I feel like it’s Fellowes sole goal to actually show that the men he’s writing can’t do their jobs


MATTHEW: a lawyer who never made a will

BRANSON: a socialist whose idea of a big socialist act is to dump oil on a general at a small aristocratic gathering

ROBERT: an estate owner who can’t even invest right and literally brought up the Ponzi scheme


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Downton Abbey DVD Commentaries → S2E1 (Julian Fellowes, Gareth Neame, and Liz Trubridge)


Liz: Michelle is absolutely wonderful at containing her emotions but still somehow letting us know what’s going on underneath.

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“There’s a new nanny come in that rubs Thomas up the wrong way, so he tries to get her the sack, and later in the series there’s another lady’s maid who Thomas has something over, so he’s using her to do his evil bidding.”
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